Aquascape Batu Kali Simple: Tips and Tricks to Create a Beautiful Aquascape in Your Home

Are you looking for a simple yet beautiful way to decorate your home? Perhaps you're interested in creating an aquascape with batu kali (river rocks). This type of aquascape is perfect for beginners who want to create a natural-looking aquarium without a lot of fuss. In this article, we'll show you some tips and tricks to create a stunning aquascape with batu kali.

What is Aquascape Batu Kali?

Aquascape batu kali is a type of aquascape that uses river rocks as the main element in the design. This type of aquascape is inspired by the natural environment found in rivers and streams. The river rocks are arranged in such a way that they mimic the look and feel of a riverbed.

One of the advantages of using batu kali in your aquascape is that it's readily available and affordable. You can find river rocks in many different sizes and shapes, which makes it easy to create a unique and natural-looking design.

In addition, batu kali is a very durable material that can withstand the harsh conditions found in an aquarium. It won't break down or leach harmful substances into the water, making it safe for your fish and plants.

Choosing the Right Aquarium

The first step in creating an aquascape with batu kali is to choose the right aquarium. You'll want to consider the size and shape of your aquarium, as well as the type of fish and plants you plan to keep.

For a simple aquascape with batu kali, a rectangular or cube-shaped aquarium is ideal. This will give you plenty of space to arrange the river rocks and create a natural-looking design. A 20-gallon aquarium is a good size for beginners, as it's large enough to accommodate a variety of fish and plants, but not so big that it's difficult to maintain.

You'll also want to choose an aquarium that has a filter and heater. A filter will help to keep the water clean and clear, while a heater will maintain a stable water temperature for your fish and plants.

Preparing the Aquarium

Once you've chosen your aquarium, it's time to prepare it for your aquascape. The first step is to rinse the river rocks thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris. You can do this by placing them in a bucket of water and using a brush to scrub them clean.

Next, you'll want to add a layer of aquarium substrate to the bottom of the tank. This will provide a base for your river rocks and help to anchor your plants. You can use sand, gravel, or a specialized aquarium substrate, depending on your preference.

Before you add the river rocks, it's a good idea to sketch out a rough idea of your aquascape design. This will help you to visualize how the river rocks will be arranged and ensure that you have enough rocks to fill the space.

Arranging the River Rocks

Now it's time to start arranging your river rocks in the aquarium. The key to a natural-looking aquascape is to avoid creating a symmetrical design. Instead, try to mimic the random patterns found in nature.

You can start by placing the larger river rocks at the bottom of the tank and gradually adding smaller rocks on top. This will create a sense of depth and dimension in your aquascape.

As you arrange the river rocks, try to leave open spaces for your plants. This will give your aquascape a more natural look and help to anchor your plants in the substrate.

Adding Plants and Fish

Once you've arranged your river rocks, it's time to add your plants and fish. You can choose a variety of aquatic plants that will thrive in your aquarium, such as java fern, anubias, and mosses. These plants will help to oxygenate the water and provide a natural habitat for your fish.

When selecting fish for your aquascape, choose species that are compatible with one another and with your plants. Some good choices for a batu kali aquascape include tetras, rasboras, and guppies.

Maintenance Tips

Now that your aquascape is complete, it's important to maintain it properly. Here are some tips to keep your aquascape looking beautiful:

  • Change the water regularly, at least once a week.
  • Test the water parameters regularly to ensure that they're within the appropriate range for your fish and plants.
  • Trim your plants as needed to prevent them from overgrowing and crowding out your fish.
  • Clean your filter regularly to ensure that it's working properly.
  • Remove any dead leaves or debris from the aquarium to prevent them from decaying and polluting the water.


Aquascape batu kali is a simple yet beautiful way to decorate your home with a natural-looking aquarium. By following these tips and tricks, you can create a stunning aquascape that will provide a peaceful and relaxing environment for your fish and plants. Remember to maintain your aquascape properly to keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

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